Symposium Posters

On the 2019 CUSJ Research Symposium Honorable Mentions

Published Jul 1, 2019

Following our annual CUSJ Symposium this year, we were extremely proud to announce three honorable mentions — Nikita Mullick, Justin Oh, and Niyasha Wijedasa! These three students impressed us with not only their research, but also their ability to effectively convey their complex projects in a coherent and digestible way. Congratulations once again to the… Read more

2011 Symposium Poster Titles

Published Apr 20, 2015

Biochemistry/Biophysics Pathogenesis-related Mutations in the T-Loops of Human Mitochondrial tRNAs Affect 3’ End Processing and tRNA Structure Dmitri Serjanov, Kyla-Gaye Pinnock, Louis Levinger Probing Aromatic Peptide Aggregation Using Spectroscopy Valentina S Felsen, Justina Chinwong, Ruel Desamero, Adam Profit Biology Generation of Mutated Forms of Leishmania Major Phosphatidylethanolamine Methyltransferase LmPEM1 Subbhalakshmi Dhalladoo, Tongtong Zhu Effect of… Read more

2010 Symposium Poster Ttiles

Published Apr 20, 2015

Biochemistry/Biophysics Automated Detection of GNRA Tetraloop Prevalance Using 3DNA and Python Prerana Pradhan*, Mauricio Esquerra, Wilma K. Olsen Elucidating the Interaction of LPA with Model Membranes Evan Minzter, Rivkah Rogawski* Biology A Comparison of Methods to Collect Host-Seeking, Blood-Fed and Gravid Mosquitoes in the Surburban Landscape Lily C. Hughes*, Richard C. Falco, Thomas J. Daniels… Read more