Multi-Page Papers

CFHMM: Heterogeneous Tumor CNV Classification by Hidden Markov

Published Jul 19, 2016

Abstract We here develop and implement a Clonal Fraction Hidden Markov Model (CFHMM), to leverage positional information in classifying Tumor CNVs and their corresponding clonal fraction from log-ratio-normalized Tumor/Normal sequencing data. In simulated data, this approach shows accurate calling of CNVs for high-fraction mutations, and improvement in calling over a naïve clustering benchmark across the… Read more

Optical Characterization of Potential Dampening in Dendritic Spine Electrophysiology

Published Jul 19, 2016

Abstract This study aims to quantitatively characterize the electrophysiology of the dendritic spine as compared to that of its adjacent dendritic shaft, by imaging artificially induced back-propagating action potentials using a variety of different genetically encoded voltage indicators. We performed whole cell patch clamp and current injection recordings with simultaneous voltage imaging of neonatal mouse… Read more

Characterizing Intracellular Localization and Chromatin Remodeling Role of CHD6 in Human Fetal Development and in Glioblastoma

Published Jul 19, 2016

Abstract CHD6, a member of the CHD family of DNA-binding, chromatin-modifying proteins, has been shown to be upregulated in glioblastoma. Using immunofluorescence the intracellular region to which CHD6 localizes can be determined. Through the use of chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP), candidate genomic loci enriched for CHD6 can be determined. Immunofluorescence and ChIP results for CHD6 using… Read more

Investigating the role of the Nus G protein in N mediated Anti-termination observed in Escherichia Coli

Published Jul 19, 2016

Abstract In E. coli, NusG is an essential regulator of RNA polymerase. Due to its two domain structure, NusG acts as flexible linker in the anti termination complex which promotes elongation rates by suppressing transcriptional pausing in vitro. However the specific role of NusG in the process of N antitermination is still unclear as anti-termination… Read more

Mirror Panel Edge Sensors for the Schwarzschild-­Couder Telescope

Published Apr 15, 2015

Abstract Gamma-ray Astrophysics and Motivation: Gamma-ray astrophysics is an exciting field of high-energy particle physics that has expanded dramatically in the past decade. The science of gamma-ray cosmology presents a way of looking at the most interesting parts of the universe. Very high energetic particles in space indicate the existence of exotic and extreme physical… Read more