The Human Appendix: Vital or Vestigial?

Published Apr 22, 2019

[Interested in submitting? Check out the following link:] When you think of the appendix, you probably think of what happens when things go wrong: crippling pain, a trip to the emergency room, and maybe even an emergency surgery. This pesky organ has historically been considered vestigial, a remnant from our primate ancestors hundreds of thousands… Read more

The 5G Revolution

Published Apr 15, 2019

[Interested in submitting? Check out the following link:] “It’s become like oxygen,” Comcast executive Matt Strauss claimed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, referring to consumers’ rapidly growing dependence on the internet (1). CES is an annual event where companies that develop the world’s most cutting-edge technology gather to show off the best… Read more

Synesthesia Symphony

Published Apr 8, 2019

[Interested in submitting? Check out the following link:] Hearing classical music when tasting tomato soup. Smelling roses while reading the letter “G.” These fascinating neurological phenomena are symptoms of a condition called synesthesia, which is an involuntary crosstalk between the five senses. Among well-known people that had synesthesia throughout their lifetime, you may be surprised… Read more

Yes, Your Computer is Judging You

Published Apr 1, 2019

[Interested in submitting? Check out the following link:] On January 21st, 2019, U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made controversial comments in a conversation with Ta-Nehisi Coates. She claimed that algorithms “are still made by human beings, and those algorithms are still pegged to basic human assumptions. They’re just automated assumptions. And if you don’t fix the… Read more

Genome Encryption: A Proper Safeguard for Life’s Code

Published Mar 11, 2019

[Interested in submitting? Check out the following link:] Personalized genomics has the potential to transform 21st century medicine, but its increased emphasis on genetic sharing is not without risks. Genetic inequality becomes much more plausible once one’s entire genetic code can be sequenced in one to two hours. Once sequenced and interpreted in the context… Read more

Redefining Subspecies to Aid in Tiger Conservation

Published Feb 25, 2019

[Interested in submitting? Check out the following link:] Panthera tigris is listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), with only 3,200-3,600 left in the wild today (Wilting et al., 2015). Although management plans do exist for these culturally and ecologically valuable cats, their populations continue to dwindle on a global… Read more

The Immortal Jellyfish – A Potential Key to Everlasting Life?

Published Feb 18, 2019

[Interested in submitting? Check out the following link:] From Qin Shi Huang, the first absolute monarch of Imperial China, to Gilgamesh, the fear of death spurred a yearning for immortal life. Throughout human history, the efforts of even the most powerful world leaders to search for hints of an elixir for immortality have been in… Read more

The Real Problem with Confounding Variables

Published Nov 29, 2018

[Interested in submitting? Check out the following link:] If you think back to when you first learned about the scientific method, you probably remember a thing or two about confounding variables, which often lead to accidental association of two very different things. In fact, most scientists, even ones who are currently young students, probably… Read more