The Immortal Jellyfish – A Potential Key to Everlasting Life?

Published Feb 18, 2019

[Interested in submitting? Check out the following link:] From Qin Shi Huang, the first absolute monarch of Imperial China, to Gilgamesh, the fear of death spurred a yearning for immortal life. Throughout human history, the efforts of even the most powerful world leaders to search for hints of an elixir for immortality have been in… Read more

The Real Problem with Confounding Variables

Published Nov 29, 2018

[Interested in submitting? Check out the following link:] If you think back to when you first learned about the scientific method, you probably remember a thing or two about confounding variables, which often lead to accidental association of two very different things. In fact, most scientists, even ones who are currently young students, probably… Read more