Congratulations to Our New Membership!

Congratulations to all those accepted as part of the Journal and Conference Boards for 2012-2013! We are extremely pleased with this year’s new board, and we are confident that they will uphold the professional standards of the CUSJ. We look forward to executing the double-blind, peer review process that is one of the CUSJ’s hallmarks. Manuscripts of research articles are still being accepted, so please submit if you are an undergraduate that has done research at Columbia!

We are looking forward to the upcoming year with great anticipation, as we have several exciting events planned. We will be holding our Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium in late March as planned, which last year brought in several dozen undergraduate researchers from the Northeastern region from over 22 Colleges and Universities. This year we hope not only to expand the Symposium but also to hold additional events to promote scientific research and undergraduate researchers at Columbia.

Again, congratulations to our new CUSJ staff and stay tuned for our upcoming events.